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The Commonwealth


Sch. Commonwealth, 85.51 tons gross, 60.57 tons net, built in Essex in 1877, owned by James G. Tarr & Bro., sailed on a Georges haddocking trip January 22, 1901 and was never heard from. The vessel is supposed to have foundered in the blizzard during the first week in February. The vessel was valued at $5,000 and was insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company for $1.900 on the vessel and $1.100 on the outfits.

She carried a crew of 14 men, as follows:

Oliver Olsen, master, 38, native of Norway, single
Carl Helsten, steward, 30 years, single, native of Finland
Tellef Tellefson, 42 years, single, native of Norway
Sone Nelson, 55 years, single, native of Norway
Augustus Engstron, 27, single, native of Sweden
Charles O. Busch, 37, single, native of Denmark, served on year on the U. S. Michias in the Spanish-American War
Valdemar Bergstram, 27, single, native of Hernosand, Sweden
Fred. Benson, 45, native of Norway, left widow in Norway
Peter Lawson, 36, single, native of Sweden
Peter Peterson, 32, single, native of Norway
Fred. Nason, 37, native of Copenhagen, Denmark
Riley Goodwin, single, native of Nova Scotia, resided in Chelsea
Charles Bernard, 42, single, native of Norway
Charles Olsen, 25, single, native of Norway


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