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The Eliza H. Parkhurst


Sch. Eliza H. Parkhurst, 121,33 tons gross and 84.97 tons net, built in this city in 1892, and owned by Fred. L. Davis and Capt. John McEachern, sailed from Bay of Islands Nov. 25, 1901 for this port with a cargo of salt herring, and is supposed to have foundered in a gale which sprung up the following day.
She carried a crew of eight men, as follows:

John D. McKinnon, master, 49, native of Prince Edward Island, left widow and five children
George Moody, mate, 26, single, native of Liverpool, N. S.
Angus McLean, cook, 33, native of Malogawatch, Cape Breton Island, single
Joseph Ryan, 28, native of Prince Edward Island, single, served in the navy in the Spanish-American war
George D. Strahan, 43, native of Straits of Canso, single
Simeon Kepping, 23, single, native of Fortune Bay, J. F.
Lawrence McDonald, 55, native of Prince Edward Island, left widow in this city.

A Mr. Davis, who went to Newfoundland in the vessel, returned overland, thus saving his life. The vessel was valued at $11,000 and insured for $5074 on the vessel and $3000 on the outfits by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company. 


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