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The Elizabeth and Ruth


December 22, 1924

Lost Man Off Here Saturday
Joseph Ryan, One of the Crew of Sch. Elizabeth and Ruth
Supposed To Have Drowned When Dory Swamped

Schooner Elizabeth and Ruth, her colors floating at half-mast, came into port yesterday morning, encased in ice from stem to stern, and reported the loss of one of her crew, John Ryan, 47 years of age, a native and resident of Lockport, N. S., who was probably drowned early Saturday afternoon, while hauling trawls.

The loss of the man is somewhat mystifying, because of the fact that his dory had not been found when the craft came in here for harbor.

Around 1 o'clock Saturday when the wind began to freshen up, the schooner, which is single dory fishing on the shore, hove down on her dories and picked them up, one by one.  The last dory aboard reported passing a floating dory thwart and then the schooner was sent down in the general direction of the spot where Ryan was hauling his gear.  Although the craft cruised around until nightfall, not a sign of the dory or its contents or oars was found.

It is thought that the dory became swamped as Ryan broke out the anchor, and diving under water was held there by the anchor and fishing gear.

Ryan had been on the schooner but seven weeks, having come from Lockport to go winter fishing.  He is a single man.


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