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The Malicia Enos


July 26, 1922

Fears Felt for Local Sworder
Sch. Malicia Enos Out for Four Weeks and Has Not Been Heard From
News of Craft Anxiously Awaited

Owners and friends of members of the crew of the sch. Malicia Enos , a little swordfisherman, owned by the Interstate Fish Corporation of Rockport, which sailed for Georges four weeks ago today, are worried over the failure of the craft to return or the lack of report from her from the big fleet which has been fishing on George's for swordfish this summer.

The Enos was engaged in south mackerel netting this spring and shifted over to swordfishing as is the custom after returning from the south.  As far as is known she carried five men as follows:

Charles Leo Joyce, master, 43, married, native of Nova Scotia
John P. Powers, 36, married, Gloucester, native of St. Johns, N.F.
Thomas Tuddy (Tutty), cook, 55, single, Gloucester, native of Nova Scotia
Walter McKay, 30, married, Gloucester, native of New Brunswick
John Blondin,
55, single, of East Boston

The Enos was built in this city in 1903.   She measured 16 tons gross, 8 tons net, 40 feet long, 14.6 feet in breadth, 5.8 feet in depth.  News is awaited hourly by anxious ones who are hopeful that the little craft will turn up safely.

[The Malicia Enos was never heard from again.]


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