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The Teazer


Friday, January 22, 1922

Two More Lives Lost in Big Gale
Myron Lennox and Fred Thorne Met Watery Grave
on Brown's Sunday - Former Leaves Large Family

Sunday's terrific gale took a toll of four lives and caused untold suffering to the men and considerable damage to the fishing fleet on Brown's bank, additional reports having been received from Liverpool, N. S., where four vessels have put in for shelter.  A telegram came yesterday afternoon, announcing the loss of two hardy fishermen from the sch. Teazer, Myron Lennox and Fred Thorne, both residents of this city.  The loss of two men from the Corinthian on Sunday was reported on Wednesday afternoon.

The Teazer , Capt. Horton Mason, arrived at Liverpool, N. S., yesterday noon and reported the loss of two of her crew.  Lennox was lost when his dory capsized in the heavy seas.  Thorne was swept overboard from the Teazer's deck

The drowning of Lennox is a pathetic case.  He is only 28 years of age, and leaves a wife and five children.  He resided at 15 Bass Avenue.  For a long while he worked at the Reed & Gamage plant of the Gorton-Pew Fisheries Co., and only recently took up fishing as means of earning a livelihood and providing for his family.Thorne was a little older, about 37 years, and boarded with Mrs. Mary J. McCarthy, 16 Maplewood avenue.

The Teazer was hard hit by the storm and the heavy seas that swept the two men to their death, also carried dories and almost everything movable into the ocean.

Besides the Teazer , sch. Governor Marshall, Gertrude DeCosta and Corinthian are in Liverpool.  All were heavily iced up and felt the full force of the severe gale of Sunday.


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