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The Catherine


January 15, 1926

Catherine Lost Man on Bank

Sch. Catherine, Capt. Archie McLeod, arrived at the Boston pier with her colors at half-mast this morning for the loss of Andy Murphy, one of her crew, who was drowned on Monday last while the schooner was fishing on LeHave banks.  Capt. McLeod said that Murphy, who was 39 years old and single, was standing by the rail of the schooner when she was struck by a puff of wind, the main boom swinging around and before Murphy could duck, he was hit in the head and knocked overboard

The sea was choppy at the time and he sank from sight at once, and although the vessel cruised over the spot for some time, the man never came to the surface.

January 16, 1926

Gives Details of Loss of One of Catherine's Crew

Sch. Catherine, Capt. Archie McLeod, arrived here late yesterday afternoon after discharging her fare at the Boston Fish Pier, with her flag half-mast in respect to the memory of Ansell Murphy, one of her crew who was lost on the trip of the craft to LaHave Bank which ended yesterday.

With reference to the loss of Murphy, Capt. MacLeod   gave the following very definite account of the sad accident.

Capt. MacLeod said:

"We were taking in mainsail at the time and getting ready to jib.   I sung out if all were clear to leeward and started to jib over.  No one knew that Murphy was there or where he was.  When the vessel came about, Murphy lost his balance, pitched overboard.  I don't believe anything struck him.  The dogline passed right over his shoulder but he made no effort to grasp it.  We dropped a dory over and it was not even four minutes before we got up to him, but he went down and was never seen again."

The accident happened 150 miles east-southeast of Boston lightship on Saturday, January 9, between 10 and 11 o'clock.  Murphy was a native of LeHave, N. S.   He had been with Capt. MacLeod in the Catherine off and on since the vessel was new, nearly 12 years ago.  He was a good fisherman, a saving fellow and a good example of the thrifty Gloucester fishermen.

[Andy's given name was Ansell]


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