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The Henry Ford


March 3, 1926

Berline Drowned on Georges Banks
Simon Muse, His Companion, Rescued After Clinging
for 15 minutes to Bottom of Overturned Craft

Raymond Berline, 56 years of age and married, was the man lost from sch. Henry Ford.  The Ford, Capt. Stephen Post, reached the Fish Pier yesterday afternoon with her flag at half mast and reported the loss of Berline on Georges on Monday.

Berline and Simon Muse were pitched into the sea when their dory was capsized by a wave.  Muse was rescued by the schooner's crew after he had clung to the overturned dory for nearly 15 minutes.

The two men had been hauling trawls, and were returning to the schooner with the dory half full of fish when they were hit by the wave.  Berline, weighed down by his heavy boots and oilskins, sank at once.  He was 56 years old, and lived at Sluice Point, N. S., where he leaves a wife and seven children.


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