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The Doris M. Hawes


August 4, 1938

Fisherman Hurled From Masthead and Is Killed By Fall
George Miller, Father of Two Children Victim -
Accident Happens on Sworder 200 Miles off Point

Hurled 60 feet, from masthead to the deck, caused instant death to George Miller, father of two small children, Tuesday afternoon, aboard the local 80-foot auxiliary sch. Doris M. Hawes, while swordfishing 200 miles southeast half south of Eastern Point, when the top of the mast broke off, 15 feet from the top, although there was but little sea running, and no breeze.

The Hawes was brought back to this port, her American flag at half-mast, arriving at the Atlantic Supply wharf, at 7.45 last evening, with Miller's body.  They had 10 swordfish, all taken Tuesday forenoon.  The Hawes with Capt. "Mickey" Driscoll in command, left here Sunday.  Miller, a former gill net fisherman, was making his second trip in the craft.  They had had poor fishing until Tuesday when near the northern edge of Georges, Miller from the masthead, aided by Andy Fay, Luis (Bowser) Francis, Charles (Pickaxe) Deveau and Albert Deveau, in the network of rigging on the foremast, sighted 10 fish which Johnny Garron in the pulpit speared and the men secured for the boat.  Capt. Driscoll was at the wheel.

The tragedy occurred so quickly that the skipper was unable to see just what did occur.  The first thing he knew was the sight of a man tumbling through the air to crash on the deck.  It was Miller.  As the top of the mast split and toppled, the network of ropes entangled the four men perched in the rigging.  They were unable to get free themselves until Garron climbed the mast and cut away the rope with a knife.  Francis complained of being bruised, but the others escaped injury.

Capt. Driscoll immediately turned the craft to port, and arriving here, notified the police and Dr. Ira B. Hull, medical examiner.  The latter pronounced death accidental, due to a fractured skill.  Miller leaves a widow, Dorothy (Smith) Miller and two children, Fred, 2 1/2 years, and Richard, 1 1/2 years.

Miller was born in Traverse City, Mich., the son of George and Elizabeth (Tysver) Miller, January 26, 1911.  He went gill netting in the sch. Elizabeth and James, Capt. James Parsons, and this summer swordfishing.  He leaves his parents, who reside in San Jose, Cal., along with two sisters, the Misses Patricia and Nancy Miller, his widow and two sons.  His uncle is Capt. Peter O. Tysver, of Gloucester.


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