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The Joffre


March 29, 1938

Local Vessel Lost Man on Grand Banks
Hervie White, 58, Drowned When Heavy Sea Upset Dory
Companion Clung To Craft Until Rescued

Washed overboard when his dory capsized in rough weather on Grand Banks last Wednesday afternoon, Hervie White, 58 years, married, six children, Haven street, Reading, formerly of this city, was drowned while his dorymates aboard the local halibuting schooner Joffre, Capt. Simon P. Theriault, labored in vain to save him.  The Joffre arrived at Boston fish pier late yesterday afternoon her flag at half-mast.

The threat of stormy weather forecast by rough seas caused Capt. Theriault to signal for the dories to return.  Levi Meuse of this city and White were in the same dory and since they had only left the Joffre a shore time before, had no fish.  They rowed to the side of the vessel safely, and were about to clamber aboard when a sea smote the dory and capsized it, spilling both men into the icy waters.  Meuse managed to grasp the bottom of the overturned dory, and struggled to reach White, but the latter disappeared, weighted down by his high hip boots and oilskins.  Those aboard rushed to Meuse's aid, and hauled him aboard the Joffre.   None of the crew saw White after he vanished beneath the turbulent sea.

White had fished out of Gloucester since his youth, pursuing dory fishing and had gone with many of the leading skippers, including Capt. Theriault.   He leaves his widow, Mrs. Josephine Meuse White, of Reading, and six children.  White was born at Amero's Hill, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia.

The Joffre had 40,000 pounds of prime halibut in her holds after being out of Gloucester for 24 days.


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