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Joseph Perry


June 6, 1928

Joseph Perry Jumped Overboard When Shamrock Threatened To Sink Smaller Craft
Accident Happened Off Eastern Point This Morning
Patrick J. Carr and John Muise Rescued

Frightened at the overhanging bow of the Boston sch. Shamrock, Joseph Perry, 27 years old, was drowned at 11.30 o'clock this morning, a mile outside of Eastern Point.  Patrick J. Carr and John Muise, a deaf mute were saved by retaining their presence of mind when the sharp prow of the Shamrock caught their low set craft and pushed her under water.

The Shamrock, with Capt. Albert White at the wheel, left her berth at Davis Brothers' wharf at a little before 11 o'clock, bound for Boston.  A mile outside of the Point, Patrick Carr and two helpers were dumping fish refuse from a boat owned by the Gorton-Pew Fisheries Company, by whom they are employed.

The Shamrock, with three Portuguese fishermen in the bow, came bowling along at high speed, according to the crew, but neither of the trio saw anything until it was too late to avoid the collision.

Capt. White told the paper this noon that he could see nothing from his place at the wheel, and supposed everything was in order until he saw the men on the bow racing to him, but their directions were so uncertain that he couldn't tell which way to turn the wheel, and before he could do anything, the nose of the Shamrock pushed the little launch under water and she filled rapidly.

Perry, the drowned man, became frightened, according to the other two on the launch and jumped overboard.   Clad heavily, he quickly sank from sight and was not seen again.  Carr and his companion grasped the boat as she rolled down on her rail and retained a hold until the crew of the Shamrock, who had slashed the lines of a dory hold in its nest on deck, could reach them.

When Capt. White learned that a man had been drowned, he wanted to jump overboard to try to find the body, and it was only with great difficulty, it is said, that he was restrained.

Perry, the unfortunate man, narrowly escaped death two years ago, when in charge of the same boat, during Carr's absence, the craft caught fire. Perry climbed out on the bow with the flames chasing him, and despite the cries of persons to jump, he refused and retained his perilous position until a boat picked him up.

At noon coast guardsmen were grappling for the body, but with the deep water off shore, chances of recovering it are very slight at the present time.  The Shamrock put back into port and tied up at the Mattiage wharf.

[Six weeks later, his body was recovered. ]


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