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Harbor Mishap


July 18, 1928

Recover Body of Missing Victim of Harbor Mishap

Floating face down about 300 yards outside on Niles beach, the body of Joseph Perry of this city was found this morning, six weeks after the accident in which a motor boat, containing Perry and two companions, were working, was run down off of Eastern Point by the Boston fishing schooner Shamrock, outward bound.

The body was first sighted by the watch on the U. S. S. Oglala, at anchor on the outer harbor, who called the attention of Ensign E. N. Parker.   The latter ordered a boat lowered to take charge of it.  Word was sent to the police station and Officer Garland went to Niles beach where he boarded a boat and was taken to the boat from the Oglala.  A rope was made fast about the body and it was towed to the city landing at the foot of Washington street, where it was viewed by Dr. Philip P. Moore, medical examiner.

At the time of the accident, Perry, with Patrick Carr and Jean Muise, was dressed in oil clothes and rubber boots.  When the body was recovered, the boots had been removed and also the oil pants, while an effort had been made to remove the coat, but one arm was doubled up toward the back and the coat caught beneath it, in a struggle to be rid of the heavy clothes.


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