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Capt. Albert Larkin


Retired Mariner Died Saturday
Funeral Service Today

Capt. Albert L. Larkin, 69, secretary of the Master Mariners association and retired master of fishing vessels, died Saturday afternoon at his home, 14 Procter street.  He had been ill for several months.

It had been Capt. Larkin's good fortune to be able to render help to others in distress on many occasions.  In 1918, in a blizzard that raged ashore and at sea on December 9, Capt. Larkin had the Natalie J. Nelson out on the fishing grounds about 130 miles southeast of Cape Cod.  The crew had housed everything that could be spared, and were making themselves comfortable when the lookout saw a water-logged schooner some distance off.

The danger of the other vessel was evident, and the gale was hurling her along and it seemed as if she would founder at any instant.   Within a short time the Natalie J. Nelson was within hailing distance of the disabled schooner.

Twice the dories of the Nelson were put over the side of the fishermen and smashed in pieces by the gale.  After a fight with the gale the fishermen brought the crew off the schooner, the lumber ship William Marshall of Boston, to their own vessel and were cared for, and later landed at Provincetown.

Capt. Larkin started his career at sea as a boy of 14 when he was taken as a deck boy by his uncle, Fred Morrissey, one of the topline skippers back in the days of sailing schooners.

He became a skipper in 1902 and among his commands were the Helen G. Wells, Lizzie M. Stanley and Natalie J. Nelson.  He was successful as a mackerel seiner and also as a fresh market fisherman.

Capt. Larkin's career as a fishing captain was notable and commendable.  He was always ready to help others in distress and adept in executing orders.

He was a life member of Tyrian lodge A. F. & A. M., and a life member of the Master Mariners association.

He was born in Lower East Pubnico, N. S., the son of Manasseh and Lydia Ann (Morrissey) Larkin.   He was born on August 5, 1879.

Capt. Larkin is survived by his wife, Annie I. (Tarr), three sisters, Mrs. Winnie L. Smith of Montreal, Mrs. Eva Jeffrey of Lower Woods Harbor, N. S., and Mrs. Rowena Nickerson, a brother, Freeman, of Somerville.

Interment took place at beech grove cemetery, Rockport, this morning at 11.30 o'clock.


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