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The Angie L. Marshall


February 23

Local Vessel Will Be Total Loss
Crew of Sch. Angie L. Marshall Clung to Rigging For Several Hours
After Fisherman Struck Sunday Night

Sch. Angie L. Marshall, Capt. Manuel Goulart, which went ashore on Lovell's Island, in Boston harbor on Sunday night will be a total loss.  The vessel was bound in from Middle bank with 40,000 pounds of fresh fish and hit hard and fast on the East Ledge of the island, where she is fast being smashed to pieces by the heavy sea.

The crew all got off in safety after clinging to the rigging for several hours.  The tide receded and the men were able to reach the shore, saving their clothes.  They were cared for Sunday night by the Lovell's Island lightkeeper and Monday morning most of the fishermen were brought to Rowe's wharf in the Fort boat General Morris K. Jessup.  Capt. Goulart and two of the crew remained by the vessel.  The others after reaching Boston came to their homes in this city.

The schooner was beating its way up Boston harbor late Sunday night in the 65 mile an hour gale and in the blinding snow storm.  When off Lovell's island, the vessel was driven hard of the ledge off the east end.  When suddenly through the murk, the island was sighted dead ahead, Capt. Goulart exerted every effort to keep the vessel off, but driven by the wind and heavy seas, she went on the rocks bow on.  The craft ripped over the ledge, tearing off her keel form stem to stern.  A little later under the pressure of the heavy surf, she slewed around and went further up the beach.  At 10 o'clock Sunday she was high and dry and it was then that most of the crew were able to jump ashore.


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