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The Governor Marshall


December 1, 1927

Shipwreck Caused by Pin in Compass Box

Lying with her bow buried in sand and rock, a gaping hole in her side, and her engine room full of water, the Gloucester fisherman, Governor Marshall, is a total wreck off Sand Point, McNutt’s Island, just inside the entrance to Shelburne Harbor, having piled ashore early this morning. Capt. D’Entremont and his crew of 20 men got away in the ship’s dories and later in the morning made a successful effort to save their clothing. A northerly breeze freshening as the morning advanced threatened further disaster to the beached ship, and the men were making frantic efforts to save all they possibly could from the doomed vessel before the waves and wind claimed her for their own.

According to members of the crew, the accident was due to the presence of an iron pin in the compass box, which deflected the needle and sent the ship in a south-southwesterly direction, instead of on a southeasterly course. Capt. D’Entremont spent the morning aboard and will bring the 4-inch pin and the compass box back to shore.

The Governor Marshall has on board 4500 pounds of fresh fish, and she put into Shelburne Harbor Sunday from the fishing banks, to avoid dirty weather. About 3 o’clock on Monday morning she turned her bow seaward, and with a favorable wind and very clear weather, started for her home port. At 8 o’clock she was piled upon the beach at Sand Pint, a total loss.

The Marshall was owned by J. M. Marshall of Gloucester, Mass. She was 260 tons burden.


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