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The Aberrance


January 16, 1932

Fisherman Drowned by Overloading Dory
Portland Trawler Aberrance Arrives Minus One of Her Crew Who Was Swamped on Cashed Yesterday

Her flag at half-staff from the main rigging, the Portland trawler Aberrance, Capt. Everett Dexter put back from fishing this morning, and tied up here, minus one of her crew, Francis DeRoche, who was drowned yesterday on Cashes, due to the overloading of his dory.

According to the crew of the Portland boat, all of the dories were out at the time, and the sea was fairly moderate, although the wind began to pick up a little just before DeRoche was missed. Fishing was good and all of the dories were making good hauls. DeRoche was nearly down to the gunwales, headed toward the vessel, but that was the last anyone saw of the dory and its occupant.

Victor Goodick, who was hauling nearest to DeRoche, said that Capt. Dexter was running down to lighten up the dories and he, Goodick, had started to row for the vessel. He noticed DeRoche some distance away, his dory dangerously loaded. Goodick had to pay attention to this own boat for fear that it, too, would swamp, and lost track of his shipmate.

Capt. Dexter ran down and picked up several of the dories and emptied them, and then started to look for DeRoche, but instead only floating thwarts, oars and trawl tubs were to be seen. Neither DeRoche nor his dory was visible, and although the man was missed at noontime, search was maintained until darkness fell.

DeRoche was about 30 years old and came from Halifax. He boarded at the corner of Prospect street and Maplewood avenue and was well known and liked. He had not been in the Aberrance any great length of time, but long enough to permit the crew to know that he was a "good scout" and willing to do more than his share, they said. He was also a member of the crew of the Gertrude L. Thebaud when she competed in the International fishing schooner race at Halifax last October.

He has a sister living in Buffalo, N. Y., according to a chum, and efforts will be made to locate her and inform her of the sad news.


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