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The Killarney


Thursday, August 9, 1934

Fisherman Fell Over Rail and Was Drowned
Lost Balance While Craft Was Discharging Fare Yesterday

Lewis Enslow, 33 years, married, of East Boston, fell over the rail of sch. Killarney, docked at Gorton-Pew Cold Storage wharf yesterday afternoon, and was drowned. He was a member of the crew of the craft which is commanded by Capt. Alvin V. Williams of this city. Firemen worked over the body after it was recovered for over an hour without success. Enslow had been in the water for 20 minutes before his body was located.

The Killarney arrived from the banks Tuesday afternoon with a large fare of fresh fish for the Cold Storage. Capt. Williams’ men were engaged in discharging the fare when abut 2.30 o’clock, Enslow, who had been seated on the rail, lost his balance, threw up his hands and fell backwards into the water between the boat and the dock. He failed to come to the surface.

Joseph D. Albert of 3 Allen street and Kenneth Trask, a shipmate of the victim, dove for him but were unable to secure the body. Russell Blackburn was more successful, however, and brought it to the surface by means of a jig-hook and aided by others brought the victim to the deck of the Killarney.

Capt. John Anderson and Firemen Eugene Robishaw, Bub Nichols, Frank W. Stockbridge, George Davis and Arthur Dodge responded in the rescue squad car from Central Fire station, and applied the prone method of resuscitation in conjunction with the pulmotor, but to no avail. Dr. Morris H. Pett also assisted. Dr. Ira B. Hull, medical examiner, pronounced death due to accidental drowning.


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