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The Alpar


December 20, 1930

Man Drowned From Dory On Middle Bank

Sch. Aplar, Capt. Carl Peterson, came into port at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon with her flag at half-mast for the loss of Narcisse Budrow, one of her crew, which occurred on Middle bank, yesterday forenoon.

The dories were out, making a set and Capt. Peterson bore the vessel down to pick up the men.  All of the dories had been picked up except Budrow's and when the vessel was run down to where it drifted, it was found to be empty.  One tub of trawl had been hauled, and the other was still in the water, with one end fast to the dory.

Capt. Peterson cruised about the place for some time, looking for some sign of the man but finally gave it up and headed his craft back to port

Just how Budrow lost his life will never be known, but it is believed that he was stricken with a heart attack or a dizzy spell and fell over the gunwale of the dory, unable to even shout an alarm.

The unfortunate man was a resident of East Boston, but his family is at Petit De Grat, Cape Breton, where he was born.  The latter was notified by wire last night of his loss.


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