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The Governor Al Smith


July 21, 1930

Local Sworder Lost One of Crew
Joseph Santos of Sch. Gov. Al Smith Drowned on Georges -
Capt. Cegilio Rescued

Her flag at half-mast for the death of Joseph Santos, one of her crew, the local swordfisherman Governor Al Smith, arrived at the Fish Pier, Boston, this morning, bringing a death-story and rescue at sea while the craft was hunting for fish.  Capt. Joseph Cegilio, master of the schooner, told of how Joseph Santos, 30 year old, of this city, was on the lookout, atop the foretopmast looking for fish a week ago Saturday.  Santos took an ill-turn, the skipper said, lost his hold on the slender ratline and crashed to the deck.  In his fall, Santos hit the skipper and they both went over the rail while the vessel steamed ahead.

The suction of the propeller whirled the body of Santos into its vortex and he sank from sight almost immediately.  He was not seen again.   Capt. Cegilio, hampered by heavy clothing, and able to swim but little, was in a bad way, when his father, who is a member of the crew, came rowing up with a swordfish in the dory and rescued the skipper from drowning.  It took the crew nearly an hour to revive the captain, and after being put to his bunk for the remainder of the day, came to himself all right.


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