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The Killarney


May 10, 1937

Man On Local Craft Drowned
Henry LeBlanc, 65, Lost Life When Dory Upset
Companion Grasps Capsized Craft and Is Saved

Washed overboard early Friday morning off LeHave, Nova Scotia, when two sudden squalls hit his dory, Henry LeBlanc, 65 years, single, of East Boston, native of Caribou, Cape Breton and a member of the crew of the local auxiliary dory haddocking sch. Killarney, was drowned before aid could reach him.

His dory-mate, Lauri Surrette of Boston, succeeded in grabbing hold of the capsized dory and hanging onto it until rescued a few minutes later by the neighboring dory in which were Jerry Moulaison and Sam Cotreau, both of Boston.  LeBlanc has been dory fishing in local vessels for many years, and had followed the fisheries since his early youth.

The Killarney, Capt. J. Henry Larkin of this port, arrived at Boston Fish pier yesterday afternoon, her flag at half-mast to reveal her tragedy.  LeBlanc, a veteran in the game, was beloved by the entire crew, and known as an able seaman as well as trawler.

The sea had run smooth all morning and the Killarney had cruised down the line of the dories to see that no dory was being over-loaded.   The dory in which LeBlanc and Surrette were fishing, was third in the line, and the two men were busily filling their craft, when without warning, a squall struck, whipping up the sea, followed directly after by a second squall, which hit the dory with such force as to cause it to capsize.

LeBlanc put up one hand as he was hurled into the icy waters, and then heavily laden with oilskins and boots and underclothing, sank beneath the waves never to appear again.  Moulaison and Cotreau, noting the danger to Surrette who was struggling in his attempt to keep afloat, left their lines, and bucked the sea to effect a rescue.  They managed to get Surrette aboard after a valiant battle and landed him abroad the Killarney which by this time had returned.


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