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The William L. Putnam


October 25, 1937

Haddocker Lost Man On Georges
Lawson Martin, 56, Drowned When Dory Upset
Companion Rescued from Bottom of Overturned craft by the Putnam

After clinging to his overturned dory for half an hour on Georges bank Saturday morning, Lawson Martin, 56, married, of East Boston, and a native of Wood's Harbor, Nova Scotia, became exhausted and slid to his death into the water, disappearing from sight.

His body was never found although the local auxiliary sch. William L. Putnam, of which he was a crew member, searched the vicinity for an hour in a vain effort to recover it.

The dory haddocker with Capt. Frank Watts of Boston in command, arrived at Boston last night, her American flag at half-mast.  The craft went to the Boston fish pier this morning with her fare of groundfish.  Capt. Watts believed the man had a stroke which caused him to lose his hold on the dory.

Martin and his dory-mate, Luginie Moulaison of Boston, were hauling their trawls about 7 o'clock Saturday morning.  The sea was running hard, and a comber hit the 14-foot craft so that it capsized, spilling both into the briny.  Both reached the dory and clung to it, though weighted down by their oilskins, heavy boots and underclothing.

The Putnam was a considerable distance away and it was a half hour before the schooner reached the scene.  They hauled Moulaison aboard but were forced to leave after conducting a lengthy search for the drowned man.


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