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Fishermen's Rest


Fishermen's Rest was donated to the city of Gloucester in 1920, a gift of the Cape Ann Fishermen's Home.


Memorial Plaque  (47014 bytes)

Fishermen's Rest
Gift of
Cape Ann Fishermen's Home
August 1920

Fishermen's Rest  (52643 bytes)

Fishermen's Rest  (53672 bytes)

Here Rest
Brave Toilers of the Sea
Sleep Undisturbed
God's Peace
Be With Thee

Fishermens Rest Memorial  (68059 bytes)

Memorial Stone (47791 bytes)

Fishermens Rest (60668 bytes)
These Lads Have Joined the Silent Majority
and Here Lie in Peace
Where No Wind or Wave Can Disturb Their Rest
Charmed By the Sea They Fought Many a Gale
With a Courage and Fortitude
Typical of Gloucester Fishermen

  As seen on the monument in the bottom row center:

Erected in memory of these toilers of the sea
Who helped to make our city the most famous
Fishing port in the U. S. A. but who have now
Sailed away to their long and happy home.
The fisheries were established in Gloucester
In A. D. 1623.
This industry which is the oldest in the state,
Has since been carried on in this city by brave
and hardy men.
They sailed the trackless ocean and fought
The angry seas with undaunted courage but
Fate decreed that they die on shore.
They rest here.


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