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Sea Captains and Fishermen


Capt. Alex McEachernAlexander McEachern

1857 - 1908

Lost in the sinking of the
Maggie & May


Capt. Michael McGinleyMichael McGinley

1848 - 1883

Lost in the sinking of the
Charles  Hildreth

(photo coustesy of his great-grandson, John Haberlin)

Capt. Henry W. Curtis Henry W.Curtis

1858 - 1933

Captain of the
Mary F. Curtis
Died ashore

(photo courtesy of the Curtis family of Gloucester)

Howard BlackburnHoward Blackburn

1859 - 1932

Lone Voyager

Died ashore

Capt. Archie MacLeodArchibald MacLeod

1881 - 1967

Captain of the

Died ashore

(photo courtesy of his grandson, Archibald MacLeod)

Cosmo Marcantonio (10749 bytes)Cosmo Marcantonio

1942 - 1978

lost in the sinking
of the Capt. Cosmo

(photo courtesy of Charles Nicastro,
author of Iron Men, Wooden Ships.)


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