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The pictures are of Gloucester, taken anywhere from the turn of the century onward. 
Fisherman's Rest at Beechbrook Cemetery.
Fishermen's Memorial Service, August 14, 1999
Fishing on the banks, "instantaneous" photographs showing fishermen at work, about 1900.
Representative Gloucester Boats
Sea Captains and fishermen.
Underwater photos of wrecks.
The biggest day Gloucester ever had - a photo of the bulletin board at the Gloucester Board of Trade, August 20, 1917, when receipts of more than 5,000,000 pounds were shown.
Some shots of Gloucester, July 1999.

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Drying the Nets  (39223 bytes)
Drying the Nets

Splitting Fish (50859 bytes)
Splitting Fish

Ready to Launch (47080 bytes)
Ready to Launch

View of Gloucester Harbor (46483 bytes)
View of Gloucester, MA

Working of Seafood (46662 bytes)
Working on Sea Food

The Fishing Fleet (43692 bytes)
The Fishing Fleet

The Harbor (44466 bytes)
The Harbor, Gloucester, MA

Italian Fishing Boats  (45240 bytes)
   Italian Fishing Boats,
beached at low tide

Hauling Cargo  (47380 bytes)
Hauling Cargo

Unloading the Catch (39407 bytes)
Unloading the Catch

Weighing the Catch (61372 bytes)
Weighing the Catch

1.jpg (68635 bytes)
The Lafayette at the Dock

Trawler Unloading (166290 bytes)
A Gloucester trawler
unloading a catch
of cod into new barrels.

McLeod and crewman(18767 bytes)
Capt. Archie MacLeod
and son, 1930.
courtesy of Arch MacLeod

Fish Flakes (143878 bytes)
Large cod were filleted
and spread out to dry
in the sun on open
racks, or drying flakes.

Gloucester in Winter (14164 bytes)
Frozen in wintertime.
Birdseye View of Gloucester Harbor (64351 bytes)
View of Gloucester Harbor
Gloucester Harbor in Winter (20070 bytes)
In winter, the harbor
would freeze over.

 Panoramic View of Gloucester Harbor (47755 bytes)
Panoramic View of Gloucester Harbor (48 KB)

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