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The Ambrose H. Knight


Sch. Ambrose H. Knight 87.64 tons, built at Boothbay, Me., owned by Parmenter & Co., and insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co. sailed on an Iceland trip March 12, 1894 and was never heard from afterwards.
She had a crew of sixteen men, as follows:

Fred. Peterson, master, a native of Sweden
John Gregory, a native of Newfoundland
John Eaholm, a native of Finland
Victor Anderson,
a native of Finland
Augustus Naicais, a native of St. Pierre, Miquelon
Peter Hammond, a native of Quebec
John Jacobson, a native of Norway
Jorgen Thrurson,
a native of Norway
Frank Johnsen,
a native of Norway
Mons. Olsen, a native of Sweden
Simon P. Sandbert
, a native of Sweden
John Carlson
, a native of Sweden
Gustave Rydgerg
, a native of Sweden
John Anderson
, a native of Sweden
Fred. Olsen,
married, a native of Sweden
Swening Olsen, a native of Denmark

Most of the crew had followed fishing from this port for years and all were unmarried excepting Fred. Olsen. 


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