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The Martha and Susan


Sch. Martha and Susan, 67.19 tons, built at Essex in 1878, owned by Parmenter & Co., and insured by the Mutual Fishing Insurance Company for $2500 on vessel and $1000 on outfits, sailed for Georges March 22, 1894 and never returned to port. She was last spoken during a heavy April gale, in which she probably foundered.
Her crew list was as follows:

Philip McDonald, master, 45, a native of Cape Breton. left widow and two children this city
Levi Carter, cook, 50, a native of Red Head, Strait of Canso, left widow and four grown up children in East Boston
John Campbell, 50, a native of Prince Edward Island, married. He had sailed as skipper at different times for several Gloucester firms
Michael Burns. single, belonging in this city and a member of Post 45, G. A. R.
John Beaton, single, a native of Prince Edward Island, and a resident of Essex where he had relatives
John A. Smart, a native of New York, having a wife and one child in this city; he was a baker by trade, making this voyage for his health, and was a member of Masconomo Colony of Pilgrim Fathers
Edward Leach, a native of Manchester-by-the-Sea, where le left a widow
James Nelson, single, a native of Nova Scotia
Thomas Olsen, a native of Sweden
William Welch, a native of Nova Scotia
Charles Hall,
a native of Nova Scotia
John Marell,
a native of Nova Scotia
Jessie Mitchell, single, 19, a native of the Western Islands


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