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The Flash


Sch. Flash 69.70 tons, built at Essex in 1875, owned by James G. Tarr & Bro., and insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co., for $2700, with $800 additional on outfits, sailed for Newfoundland on the morning of Jan. 12, 1894 on a herring trip and has not since been heard from, having undoubtedly gone down with all her crew in the heavy gale commencing that day.
Her crew list was as follows:

Matthew Parks, master, 41 years old, a native of Nova Scotia, left a widow and three children in this city
James A'Hern, mate, 43, unmarried, resided in Boston
James Donovan, aged 31, native of Prince Edward Island
Simeon Gillis, aged 52, native of Prince Edward Island
Jordan Harris, 25, a native of Newfoundland
Richard Laha, cook, a native of Wellfleet, left a widow in this city


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