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The Gertie E. Foster


Sch. Gertie E. Foster 88.87 tons, built at Essex in 1874, owned by Capt. Charles Blackburn and insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co., for $3617, wrecked on Strawberry point, near Liverpool, N. S., Jun 29, 1894 and five of her crew drowned, namely:

Martin Devine, about 45, native of St. John's N. F.
George Percy, about 52, native of St. John's N. F.
James Campbell, about 36, single, a native of Cape Breton
Angus McDonald, about 35, single, a native of Cape Breton
Gabriel McVarish, about 32, married, a native of Cape Breton

All their bodies were recovered and buried at Liverpool, N. S.

When she struck, Devine, who was at the wheel, ran amidship, saying "there is the land," and jumped into the sea hoping to reach the shore but was never seen again. Campbell and McDonald followed and met the same fate. Percy and McVarish remained in the main rigging and were drowned when the mainmast gave way. One of the crew, Patrick McAuliffe, succeeded in reaching the shore and four others were washed overboard and carried high and dry upon the land. The captain, Giradin, and James Hayes remained on the wreck until the mainmast gave way and were saved.


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