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The Avalon


January 17, 1906

Charles Bohlin Drowned
Swept From Deck of Sch. Avalon Last Friday
Mate of Craft and Was on His Last Trip Fishing

Sch. Avalon, Capt. Thomas Bohlin, arrived from Bay of Islands, N. F., last night with her flag at half mast for the loss of her mate, Charles Bohlin, a cousin of the Captain, who was washed overboard on Friday off St. Paul's island.

Capt. Bohlin, in speaking of the loss of his relative, said that they had been at work fixing the lashings on some of the deck, load  and he with the lost man and Leo Lucas were standing to leeward near some of the barrels, talking.  The captain held a knife in his hand with which he had been at work.

Suddenly and without warning, a sea, which was not very big, came over the rail and swept over them.  Capt. Bohlin did not think much about it, as it did not appear to be very heavy, and so he took hold of the lashings with his left hand and held on.  Lucas came right into him, and had the skipper not bent his arm at the elbow, would probably have been lost.  As he shot by the skipper he clasped the rigid forearm and held on for his life.  His grasp broke, but not before he had held on long enough to save himself.

The captain said that when Lucas grasped hold of his arm, he felt something go out over his shoulder and nearly over his head.  He himself had no difficulty in hanging on, even with the added strain of Lucas on him, but the next thing he knew, some one shouted, "Man overboard," and he saw Charles Bohlin in the water and nothing showing but his boots.  The vessel was jibed over as quickly as possible, but when they got back to the spot, he had disappeared.   After a long search the vessel was once more put on her course.

The lost man was a native of Sweden, but had lived here and followed the fisheries nearly all his life.  He was very well known and a man of quite kindly disposition and good habits and had sailed many years with Capt. Bohlin.   He was 39 years of age and leaves a widow in Sweden, he having married when he was on a visit over there a few years ago.

On this trip, in speaking of his future, he told Capt. Bohlin that he though he should not go fishing any more, but would go yachting this summer, and thus get a few more dollars ahead and then go back to Sweden.


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