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The Illinois


May 12, 1906

Washed From Dory
One of the Crew of Sch. Illinois Drowned
Dorymate, His Brother, Tried in Vain to Save Him

A dispatch from North Sydney, C. B., states that sch. Illinois of this port arrived there yesterday with her flag at half mast for the loss of George Peeples, one of her crew, who was drowned by being washed out of his dory, the efforts of his dorymate, who was his brother, to save him being unavailing.

Peeples was out in his dory in rough weather when a huge sea washed him overboard.  He was hauling in a trawl with his brother when the wave struck him.  His brother caught hold of his coat before the wave swept him away and held on, although the little boat was careened gunwale under and the would-be rescuer was half in the water and half out.  Before he could drag his brother to safety he got tangled up in the trawl and his brother was torn from his grasp, quickly disappearing.

There is evidently some mistake about the first name of the unfortunate man, as there is no George Peeples on board the vessel.  There were two of the crew, however, named Peeples, two brothers, John and Michael.  Evidently one of them has been lost, but which one is not definitely know.


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