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Undoubtedly Drowned


February 14, 1906

No Tidings of Frank S. Marchant, Boat Fisherman
Futile Search for Body
Empty Dory Mute Evidence of Lanesville Fatality

Mr. Frank S. Marchant, a well known fisherman of Folly cove, Lanesville, went out yesterday morning to haul his trawls, and later in the forenoon, along toward noon, his empty dory came ashore on the rock at Plum Cove, Lanesville.

The first news of the probable fatality was received by Mr. Bert Griffin during the forenoon, who found the empty dory at Plum Cove.  He quickly recovered the boat, and then reported the matter.  The news spread very rapidly, and all day an anxious lookout was kept, in hopes that good news from the missing man might b ascertained.  As the hours passed, and no tidings came, hope was generally abandoned, and in its place came the strong conviction that the young man had met an untimely end.

No traces have since been found of Mr. Marchant, and but little if any hopes are held out that he will return alive, and it is generally believed that he has been drowned.

It is thought that the young man lost his life by being thrown overboard while adjusting the sail of his dory.

The sad occurrence has cast a profound sorrow especially over Lanesville and vicinity, where the unfortunate man had always lived and was highly esteemed and respected.

Mr. Marchant married Miss Julia Cleaty, who survives, together with four children and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James W. Marchant, and a brother and a sister.

He was a very well known and popular young man and has followed dory fishing out of Folly Cove for several years.  He was about 30 years old, and is the son or Mr. and Mrs. James W. Marchant, the former being one of the oldest and best known fishermen at the back of the cape.  He resided with his parents at 1259 Washington street.  A number of Folly Cove fishermen endeavored to find the body this morning but without success.


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