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The Juno


May 12, 1906

Fishermen Drowned
Dory of Boston Sch. Juno Capsized off Cape North
Stanley Goodwin and Edward Burbine of This City Lost

Sch. Juno of Boston, one of the Cape North shacking fleet, arrived at North Sydney, C. B., this forenoon with her flag at half mast for the loss of two of her crew who were drowned yesterday by the upsetting of their dory while hauling trawls off Cape North.

The unfortunate men were Stanley Goodwin and Edward Burbine, both of this city. Goodwin was a young man, a native of East Pubnico, N. S., but his parents reside in Boston.  Burbine has sailed out of this port for many years.  Both were very well known fishermen.

Evidently the accident was seen from some of the other dories or by those on the vessel, for when they reached the scene of the accident, although Goodwin's body had disappeared, that of Burbine was afloat, the air under his sou'wester, tightly hauled on his head, keeping him at the surface of the water.  The body was recovered and brought into North Sydney today by the vessel.


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