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The Bay State


November 19, 1925

Fisherman Swept From Bay State
Felix Boudreau Lost His Life Tuesday While Schooner Was Bucking Her Way Through Northwest Gale

Caught by a comber that flooded the deck, Felix Boudreau was washed over the stern of the fishing schooner Bay State early Tuesday morning, while the schooner was fighting her way toward port against a heavy northwest gale.

Boudreau, who was about 60 years old and a native of Westport, N. S., had just been relieved at the helm and had scarcely removed lashings which had been necessary to help him keep his position at the wheel when the sea hit the schooner and carried him overboard.  It was impossible under the conditions and in the darkness to appempt a rescue.  The Bay State commanded by Capt. Leon Doucette of Somerville, was off Matinicus Rock, Me., on the way home from Brown's Bank at the time of the accident.   She arrived at the Boston Fish Pier today with her flag at half-mast.

Bad weather was encountered much of the time that the Bay State was on the fishing grounds, and she lost considerable fishing gear.  On one day practically all the trawl line that was set was lost, and her riding sail was split.


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