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The Oretha F. Spinney and the Gov. Marshall


January 28, 1925

Storm Takes Toll of Two More Lives
Eli Goodick of Sch. Oretha F. Spinney Drowned Off Thacher's
Gov. Marshall Reports Loss of Jarvis Meuse

Two of the off shore haddocking fleet arrived at the Boston fish pier this morning with their flags at half-mast, each having lost a man.  The victims are Eli Goodick of Sch. Oretha F. Spinney, who was drowned 50 miles off Thacher's yesterday, during the storm and Jarvis Meuse of sch. Gov. Marshall who failed to return to his craft while the craft was fishing on LeHave three days ago.

Goodick was on watch when the accident that cost him his life happened.  The craft was bowling along at a good clip with plenty of chop and sea ahead.  During one of her lurches, Goodick pitched overboard and quickly ______ every effort was made to save the man by Capt. Jeffery Thomas but he disappeared almost as soon as he went over.  The unfortunate man was 27 years old and resided in Salem, where he leaves a widow and child.

The other tragedy was reported by Capt. John Marshall of sch. Gov. Marshall when the craft docked at the pier today. The vessel was fishing on LeHave and all the dories returned except the one containing Jarvis Meuse.  It was heavy weather at this time and after waiting in vain for this dory, Capt. Marshall started to search the vicinity where Meuse had gone to haul his trawls but found no trace of the missing dory.  It is supposed that the craft either capsized or filled.  Meuse belonged in Yarmouth, N. S., and was a widower.  He was about 35 years old.

["With her colors hanging half-mast, the local sch. Oretha F. Spinney, Capt. Jeffery Thomas, made the Pier yesterday, reporting the loss of one of her crew.  Through error, the name of the craft was given as the Natalie Hammond.  Capt. Thomas of the Spinney reported the loss of Eli Goodick of Salem.  The Spinney arrived here last night." ]

(I have made the correction to the vessel name to the story above. R.S.)


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