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The Elsie


May 6, 1925

Find Dory of Missing Man
Fate of Lin Woolf of Sch. Elise Remains Uncertain
Craft had Drifted Many Miles from Brown's

The agent of the Department of Marine and Fisheries at Halifax received a wireless message from the Canadian government steamer Stanley last night that while off Sheet Harbor, about 100 miles east of here, she had picked up an unoccupied fishing dory marked "Elsie No. 6" with complete gear aboard, including oars and sails.  This dory is the one in which Lin Woolf, one of the crew was left out on Brown's bank last Thursday morning when he went astray in the fog.  Although the schooner cruised around for two days, Capt. Sears stated yesterday upon his arrival at Boston that the man could not be found.

How the dory, floating with all gear and even oars intact, could drift from Brown's bank to the spot where it was picked up without some of the vessels in that vicinity seeing it is a mystery and what became of the unfortunate fisherman is another matter of speculation, it is not being known whether he was drowned or else was picked up by some passing steamer that did not bother with the dory.

Woolf belongs at Liverpool, N. S.  He is 26 years of age and single.

[No trace of Lin Woolf was ever found.]


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