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The Elk


January 29, 1925

Elk Arrives With Flag Half-Mast

Minus two of her crew, sch. Elk, Capt. Leo Doucette, arrived at the Fish Pier, Boston, yesterday, bringing the details of how Enslem Hubbard, 67, Tusket Wedge, N. S., and Reuben Melanson, 22, of Spruce Point, N. S., lost their lives on January 20, while fishing on Brown's Bank.

The Elk caught in a sudden blinding snow storm, picked up her men just before the weight of the storm was upon them, but the dory of Hubbard and Melanson could not be spotted in the heavy seas being kicked up by the fury of an easterly wind.  The craft cruised around form many hours, sailing up and down the course where the men had their fishing gear strung out, but not a sign of them was visible, and reluctantly, Captain Doucette was headed for Shelburne, where the loss of the men was telegraphed home. 


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