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The Hesperus


April 13, 1925

Lost Life When Dory Upset on Brown's Bank
Howard Carew, of Sch. Hesperus Drowned
Dory Mate, Unconscious, Rescued
After Being in Water Over Hour

Sch. Hesperus, Capt. Robertson Giffin, arrived at the South Boston fish pier this morning with the flag at half mast for the loss of one of the crew, Howard Carew, who was lost a week ago today on Brown's bank.  The vessel also brought a story of the miraculous escape of Carew's dorymate, Patrick Burke, who was taken immediately to the Chelsea Marine hospital after the vessel docked.

Carew and Burke were hauling their trawls when in some manner the dory upset.  Carew disappeared and was lost.  Burke managed to catch hold of a rope as the dory went over and saved himself.  As near as can be estimated, the Hesperus, picking up the dories, came upon the overturned dory which had been occupied by the two fishermen, about an hour and a half later.

Burke was still hanging on cut unconscious.  His arm had caught in some way in a bight of the rope and it kept him afloat until succor arrived.   Men on the Hesperus quickly brought the unconscious form of their shipmate aboard the vessel.

Stimulants were administered and Burke revived but his condition did not improve and as soon as the vessel docked, the fisherman was hustled to the marine hospital for medical attention.

Howard Crew was a young man about 32 years of age, single and belonged at Bay of Bulls, N. F.


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