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Anthony Favalora


Anthony FAVALORA was born in Terrasini, Sicily. He was married to Antoinette FAVAZZA in Terrasini, Sicily.  He was married to Antionette FAVAZZA.  Antoinette FAVAZZA was born in Terrasini, Sicily. Anthony FAVALORA and Antoinette FAVAZZA had the following children:
  1. Serafino FAVALORA was born on Mar 12 1861 in Terrasini, Sicily. He immigrated in 1897 to Boston, MA. He died on Aug 3 1946 in Manchester, MA. Capt. Favalora went fishing out of Gloucester for many years, as hand and skipper.  He was married to Julia LOCHRICHO in Terrasini, Sicily. Serafino FAVALORA and Julia LOCHRICHO had the following children:
    1. Maria Antonina (Antonina) FAVALORA was born in 1886 in Terrasini, Sicily. She was married to Giuseppe (Joseph) FAVAZZA (son of Francesco FAVAZZA and Margarita RUSSO). Giuseppe (Joseph) FAVAZZA was born in 1875 in Terrasini, Sicily. He lived in Boston in 1934. Maria Antonina (Antonina) FAVALORA and Giuseppe (Joseph) FAVAZZA had nine children.   Maria died on Apr 12 1958 in Gloucester, MA. Joe died on Oct 28 1956 in Gloucester, MA.
    2. Anthony FAVALORA.
    3. Vito FAVALORA.
    4. Frank FAVALORA.
    5. Leo FAVALORA.
    6. Rose FAVALORA was born on Jun 3 1899 in Terrasini, Sicily.  She was married to Antonino (Anthony) CIULLA. Antonino (Anthony) CIULLA was born in 1891 in Sicily. He immigrated about 1903. He died on Jan 4 1943, lost from the St. Anne. Rose FAVALORA and Antonino (Anthony) CIULLA had four children.  Rose died on Mar 28 1972 in Gloucester, MA.
    7. Anne FAVALORA was married to Leonardo LINQUATA (son of Marco LINQUATA and Rosalie ZANGARA) on Nov 25 1923 in Gloucester, MA. Leonardo LINQUATA was born on Nov 11 1899 in Alcamo, Sicily. He immigrated in 1901 to NY. He was a fisherman in 1914 in Gloucester, MA. He first fished aboard the family "seiner tub-trawler" St. John. By age 23, he had skippered several boats. In 1930, Leo established himself as a rising businessman on the waterfront when he joined his brother-in-law Frank Favaloro and developed a fish plant on empty seaside land in the Fort.  Progressive Fish Co. proved a strong start for Leo's career as a local merchant. Progressive Oil Co. followed several years later. He continued to open harborside businesses, including Harbor Cove Fisheries in 1943, described as a "state-of-the-art" fish cutting plant. He was an owner of the Gloucester House Restaurant in 1957 in Gloucester, MA. His family still ran the Gloucester House Restaurant in 1999.  He was a charter member of the St. Peter's Fiesta Committee and held the chairmanship for 20 years. He was the last surviving original member of the committee. Anne FAVALORA and Leonardo LINQUATA had five children.  Leodied on Oct 31 1996 in Gloucester, MA.
  2. Anna FAVALORA was born in 1870 in Terrasini, Sicily. She died on Feb 16 1949 in Gloucester, MA. She was married to Anthony FRONTIERA. Anthony FRONTIERA died in 1937 in Gloucester, MA. He was born in Terrasini, Sicily. Anna FAVALORA and Anthony FRONTIERA had the following children:
    1. Joseph FRONTIERA died before 1958.
    2. Anthony (Tony) FRONTIERA was born on Jan 27 1897 in Terrasini, Sicily. He immigrated in 1904 to New York, NY. He lived in Boston for a few years, and lived in Gloucester for over 70 years. He worked as a fisherman for many years, retiring in 1964. He was married to Philomena PALLAZOLA (daughter of Gaspar PALLAZOLA and Madeline BOLOGNA) on Dec 14 1919 in Gloucester, MA. Philomena PALLAZOLA was born on Nov 25 1903 in Detroit, MI. . Anthony (Tony) FRONTIERA and Philomena PALLAZOLA had nine children.   Tony died on Jul 30 1981 in Gloucester, MA.  Philomena died on Aug 21 1996 in Gloucester, MA.
    3. Serafino FRONTIERA died after 1958.
    4. Rosa Marie FRONTIERA was born in 1891 in Terrasini, Sicily.  She was married to Antonio R. RANDAZZA (son of Benedetto RANDAZZA and Antonette PARISI). Antonio R. RANDAZZA was born on Jun 18 1887 in Terrasini, Sicily.  Rosa Marie FRONTIERA and Antonio R. RANDAZZA had ten children.  Rosa died on Jun 5 1958 in Gloucester, MA.  Antonino died on Apr 15 1968 in Waltham, MA.
    5. Antoinette FRONTIERA was married to CHIANCIOLA.  She was married to Frank BLANCATO.
    6. Rosalie FRONTIERA was married to Leo FAVALORO.
    7. Salvatore FRONTIERA was born in 1911 in Gloucester, MA. He died on Jun 17 1935 in Pittsburg, CA. His obituary reads, "Frontiero, a fisherman born in this city, was pursuing this calling out of a California port at the time of his death."
  3. Rosalie FAVALORA was born on Apr 26 1875 in Italy. She died on Oct 6 1953 in Gloucester, MA. She was married to Salvatore FRONTIERO. Salvatore FRONTIERO was born on Jun 29 1869. He died on Aug 8 1963. Rosalie FAVALORA and Salvatore FRONTIERO had the following children:
    1. Capt. Joseph (Cigar Joe) FRONTIERO was born on Nov 2 1898 in Terrasini, Sicily. He immigrated in 1900 to NY. He was a fisherman in 1914 in Gloucester, MA. He started work as a young man on his father's boat, the Maria Di Tripani. As years went by, he had a boat built in Essex, a 92-foot boat named Beauty of St. Joseph and, after that, the Madame X. His pride and joy was the Cigar Joe, which he named after himself. He has also been a captain on several other boats in the Gloucester fishing fleet. The final boat he captained was the Cigar Joe II.  Captain "Cigar Joe" was well known to many fishermen and captains from years gone by.   He was one of the founders and a lifetime member of the St. Peter's Club.  He was married to Josephine SCOLA. Capt. Joseph (Cigar Joe) FRONTIERO and Josephine SCOLA had seven children.  Cigar Joe died on May 24 1993 in Haverhill, MA.
    2. Anthony (The Lawyer) FRONTIERO died before 1999.
    3. Seraphine (Sophie) FRONTIERO was married to Marion Ada STRAUSS on Sep 18 1937 in Seabrook, NH.
    4. Jerome FRONTIERO.
    5. Anna FRONTIERO was born on Jun 24 1896 in Italy. She died on Feb 12 1919 in Gloucester, MA. She died as a result of burns, according to an article in the Gloucester Daily Times dated February 11, 1919. "The woman was standing at the kitchen stove, it is said, and was putting in some old tarred netting. Suddenly the material blazed up in her face, setting her clothing on fire and also starting a blaze in the kitchen. The flames in Mrs. Scola's clothing were quickly smothered but not before her arms and neck were badly burned."  She was survived by a son and a fifteen day old daughter (who died later in the same year.)  "The funeral was one of the largest held in this city for a long time and the cortege included a band and some 25 hacks and automobiles in addition to the large delegation on foot. The procession left the home at 85 Commercial street shortly after 10 o'clock this morning. It was headed by five automobiles containing most expensive flowers. Then came the hearse and behind it was two color bearers, carrying the American and Italian flags, the Beverly Italian band of 20 pieces, 150 members of the Italian Fishermen's Union, and members of the family and friends in 20 carriages and autos."  She was married to Salvatore SCOLA. Anna FRONTIERO and Salvatore SCOLA had two children.
    6. Gaspar Frank (Captain) FRONTIERO was born on Nov 17 1910 in Gloucester, MA. He lived most of his life in Gloucester. He was captain of many Gloucester boats and owned the Nyoda. By the age of 17, he was a captain of a commercial fishing vessel. He continued to fish on the Atlantic for the next 30 years. He received U. S. government recognition for helping protect the Eastern seaboard during World War II as a confidential observer.  The family moved to Detroit in the late 1950's. Frank then worked for General Motors, from which he retired.  He was married to Rose AGRUSA in 1934. Gaspar Frank (Captain) FRONTIERO and Rose AGRUSA had seven children.  Frank died on Feb 10 1999 in Clinton Township, MI.
    7. Charles FRONTIERO.
    8. Annino FRONTIERO.
    9. Antionette FRONTIERO was married to SARDO.
    10. Josina FRONTIERO was married to DUKIE.
    11. Mary FRONTIERO was married to Antonino MILITELLO (son of Antonino MILITELLO and Phillipa ORLANDO) in 1933 in Gloucester, MA. Antonino MILITELLO was born on Jun 17 1910 in Terrasini, Sicily. He immigrated in Sep 1911 to NY. He came to this country at the age of 17 months and spent the early years of his life in Detroit, MI before coming to Gloucester.He worked as a fisherman and cook on many fishing vessels out of Gloucester for more than 40 years before retiring in 1972. Some of the vessels he fished on were the Holy Family, the Bonaventure and the Salvatore and Rosalie. He was a member of the International Seafarers Union. Mary FRONTIERO and Antonino MILITELLO had three children.  Tony died on May 24 1992 in Gloucester, MA.

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