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Frank PALMISANO was born about 1857.   He was married to Maria ALCORESE. Maria ALCORESE was born about 1860. Frank PALMISANO and Maria ALCORESE had the following children:
  1. Capt. Pasquale PALMISANO was born on Aug 29 1882 in Castal di Tusa, Italy. He died on Feb 23 1969 in Gloucester, MA. He was married to Theresa D'ANTONIO (daughter of Anthony D'ANTONIO and Santina). Theresa D'ANTONIO was born in Italy. Capt. Pasquale PALMISANO and Theresa D'ANTONIO had the following children:
    1. Maria PALMISANO was born Feb 7 1908. She died Sep 3 1992. She was married to Sebastian SERIO. Sebastian SERIO was born Apr 16 1906. He died Sep 28 1993.
    2. Santina PALMISANO was born on May 11 1913 in Lawrence, MA. She was married to Nicole (Nick) BERTOLINO (son of Benedetto BERTOLINO and Angela RENALDO). Nicole (Nick) BERTOLINO was born on Jul 4 1903 in Italy. He was a local fisherman and served aboard the boats Santa Maria, Mary Ann and the Little Flower. He was a member of the St. Peter's Club and St. Ann's Holy Name Society. Santina PALMISANO and Nicole (Nick) BERTOLINO had at least one child.  Santina died on Oct 27 1996 in Gloucester, MA.  Nick died in Jan 1976 in Gloucester, MA.
    3. Sadie R. PALMISANO was born on Jan 14 1915 in Lawrence, MA.  She was married to Carl J. PALLAZOLA (son of Joseph PALLAZOLA and Benedetta GRILLO). Carl J. PALLAZOLA was born on Jan 10 1909 in Boston, MA. He was employed as a commercial fisherman for many years aboard numerous fishing vessels, including the Barbara C., Little Flower, Bonaventure, Ursula M. Norton, Carol & Gary and the Emily Brown. He retired from fishing in 1968.  Sadie R. PALMISANO and Carl J. PALLAZOLA had at least one child.  Sadie died on May 14 1993 in Gloucester, MA.   Carl died on Oct 28 1998 in Gloucester, MA.
    4. Frank P. PALMISANO was born on Jun 23 1919 in Gloucester, MA. He served in the military about 1944. During World War II Frank served in the U.S. Navy as Boatswain's Mate 2-C. He saw action in the southwest Pacific and participated in the invasion of New Guinea. His ship, the L.S.T. 181, survived 11 direct hits and he was personally credited with shooting down one aircraft. He was married to Ann L. CURRIER. Frank P. PALMISANO and Ann L. CURRIER had two children.  Frank died on Jul 27 1972 in West Roxbury, MA.
    5. Nancy PALMISANO was born on Jul 8 1921.  She was married to Joseph PARISI (son of Capt. Philip PARISI and Grace PARISI). Joseph PARISI was born on Apr 20 1918 in MA. He died on Dec 11 1993 in Gloucester, MA.
    6. Anthony PALMISANO was born on Dec 8 1923 in Gloucester, MA. He was married to Vincenza. Anthony PALMISANO and Vincenza had three children.  Anthony died on Apr 8 1974 in Gloucester, MA.
    7. Charles (Charlie) PALMISANO was married to Rosalie (Dulie) RALLO (daughter of Giuseppe RALLO and Catherine FRONTIERO) on Sep 5 1948 in Gloucester, MA. Rosalie (Dulie) RALLO was born on Nov 5 1927. Charlie PALMISANO and Dulie RALLO had four children.  Dulie died on Nov 19 1982 in Gloucester, MA.   Charlie died in 1995 in Gloucester, MA.


  2. Antonio PALMISANO was born in Castal di Tusa, Italy.
  3. Nancy PALMISANO was born in Castal di Tusa, Italy.  She was married to GRILLO.

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