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Guiseppe Parisi


Guiseppe (Joseph) PARISI was born in 1845 in Italy. He died on Feb 25 1927 in Gloucester, MA. He was buried on Feb 26 1927 in Calvary Cemetery, Gloucester, MA. He was well-known among the older Italian residents of the Fort.  He was married to Urusalena (Priscilla) CIARAMITARO (daughter of Samuel CIARAMITARO and Vincenza SIMONA). Urusalena (Priscilla) CIARAMITARO was born in 1851 in Italy. She died on Nov 2 1926 in Gloucester, MA. Guiseppe (Joseph) PARISI and Urusalena (Priscilla) CIARAMITARO had the following children:
  1. Nicholas PARISI was born in 1878. He died in 1954 in Gloucester, MA.  He was married to Mary SCOLA (daughter of Sebastiano SCOLA and Crucifissa BRANCALEONE). Mary SCOLA was born on Jul 19 1885 in Terrasini, Sicily. She died on May 9 1966 in Gloucester, MA.  Nicholas PARISI and Mary SCOLA had the following children:
    1. Joseph PARISI was born on Mar 6 1909 in Boston, MA. He was a fisherman.  He was married to Providenza AIELLO. Joseph PARISI and Providenza AIELLO had six children. Joe died on Apr 21 1981 in Gloucester, MA.
    2. Sebastian PARISI died before 1997. He lived in New Bedford in 1966.
    3. Samuel (Sam) PARISI was born on Jul 23 1913 in Gloucester, MA. He was a fisherman out of Gloucester for most of his life. He was an engineer aboard several fishing vessels, including the Curels, North Star and the Sunlight. He also had a fishing vessel built, the White Owl, which he owned and skippered. He was a member of the St. Peter's Club and the Seafarers International Union. 
      He was married to Josephine A. ALUIA (daughter of Andrew ALUIA and Catherine FAVAZZA) in 1937 in Gloucester, MA. Josephine A. ALUIA was born on Apr 30 1912 in Lawrence, MA. Samuel (Sam) PARISI and Josephine A. ALUIA had two children.  Sam died on May 24 1997 in Gloucester, MA.   Josephine died on Apr 18 1999 in Gloucester, MA.
    4. Paul PARISI died before 1997.
    5. Thomas PARISI was married to Rose PARISI.
    6. Urusalena (Lena) PARISI was married to Nicholas GAGLIANO
    7. Crucificcia (Chris) PARISI was married to Willis C. LANE.
    8. Josephine (Josie) PARISI was married to Serafino FAVALORA.
    9. Jack A. PARISI Sr. was born on Jul 14 1928 in Gloucester, MA. He was buried on Nov 28 1998. He was a U. S. Navy veteran of World War II. He worked as a fisherman and longshoreman along the Gloucester waterfront for many years.
      He was married to Ann M. RANDAZZA (daughter of Joseph RANDAZZA Sr. and Pauline AIELLO) on Nov 28 1948 in Gloucester, MA. Ann M. RANDAZZA was born on May 28 1928 in Gloucester, MA. Jack A. PARISI Sr. and Ann M. RANDAZZA had seven children. Jack died on Nov 26 1998 in Gloucester, MA. Ann died on Mar 24 1998 in Gloucester, MA.
  2. Salvatore PARISI was born in 1883 in Terrasini, Sicily. He died on Apr 13 1955 in Gloucester, MA. He was married to Grace FAVAZZA. Salvatore PARISI and Grace FAVAZZA had the following children:
    1. Joseph PARISI was born on Jul 19 1909 in Terrasini, Sicily.  As a young man he captained the St. Rosalie, St. Anthony and the Sea Hawk. From 1944 to 1981, he captained the boat Gaetano S.
      He was married to Mary Josephine (Josephine) SCOLA (daughter of Gaetano (Jack) SCOLA and Rosalie PALLAZOLA). Mary Josephine (Josephine) SCOLA was born on Jul 27 1915. Joseph PARISI and Mary Josephine (Josephine) SCOLA had three children.  Joe died on Apr 7 1981 in Gloucester, MA.
    2. Benjamin PARISI.
    3. Nicholas (Nake) PARISI was born on Mar 10 1915 in Gloucester, MA. He was buried on Nov 6 1988 in Calvary Cemetery, Gloucester, MA. He was a Gloucester fisherman and engineer on his family's vessels during his early years. He was part of a family tradition stemming from his father, Capt. Salvatore Parisi. The vessels included the St. Rosalie, St. Anthony, Grace & Salvatore and the La Regina. He was an active member of the St. Peter's Club, and the Gloucester Marine Railways and served on the Board of Directors of the Railways. 
      He was married to Rose CIARAMETARO in Gloucester, MA. Nicholas (Nake) PARISI and Rose CIARAMETARO had two following children.  Nake died on Nov 3 1988 in Boston, MA.
    4. Matthew PARISI.
    5. Charles PARISI.
    6. Anthony PARISI.
    7. Ursala PARISI was married to Joseph NOVELLO on Nov 19 1938 in Gloucester, MA.
    8. Grace PARISI was married to Frank MARQUES.
    9. Rosalie PARISI was married to Christie (Christopher) AVELIS (son of Nicholas AVELIS and Tasia SEREPETIS). Christie (Christopher) AVELIS was born on Aug 17 1924 in Ipswich, MA. He was a veteran of World War II and had received the Purple Heart. He also received a campaign ribbon with two service start from the European, African and Middle Eastern Theatre having served with Company A, 345th Infantry Regiment.   Rosalie PARISI and Christie (Christopher) AVELIS had two children.  Christie died on Dec 9 1972 in Gloucester, MA.
  3. Josephine PARISI. She lived in California in 1926.
  4. Vincenza PARISI was born in 1897 in Terrasini, Sicily. She died on Sep 8 1961 in Gloucester, MA. She married Bonaveturo NOVELLO. Vincenza PARISI and Bonaveturo NOVELLO had the following children:
    1. Joseph NOVELLO.
    2. Nicholas Joseph NOVELLO was married to Rosalie Frances PARISI (daughter of Joseph PARISI and Marianna (Marion) NICASTRO) on Nov 25 1939 in Gloucester, MA.
    3. Salvatore NOVELLO.
    4. John Baptiste NOVELLO was married to Rose M. ORLANDO (daughter of Ambrogio (Ambrose) ORLANDO and Maria Antionette MILITELLO) about 1946 in Gloucester, MA.
    5. Anthony NOVELLO.
    6. Capt. Dominic NOVELLO was born on Mar 14 1924 in Gloucester, MA. He was a fisherman out of Gloucester for over 40 years, and was the owner of the fishing vessel Capt. Scrod and Barbara Jean. He also served as vice president for five years at the Gloucester Marine Railways Corp.
      He was married to Mary Grace FAVAZZA (daughter of Capt. Salvatore (Sam) FAVAZZA and Maria LUCIDO) in 1946 in Gloucester, MA. Mary Grace FAVAZZA was born on Jul 20 1927 in Gloucester, MA. Capt. Dominic NOVELLO and Mary Grace FAVAZZA had six children. Dominick died on Mar 2 1997 in Naples, FL.


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