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Gaetano Brancaleone


Gaetano (Thomas) BRANCALEONE was born in Terrasini, Sicily.  He was married to Joanna LOPICCOLO in Terrasini, Sicily. Joanna LOPICCOLO died after 1940 in Terrasini, Sicily. Gaetano (Thomas) BRANCALEONE and Joanna LOPICCOLO had the following children:
  1. Grace BRANCALEONE was born in 1879 in Terrasini, Sicily. She immigrated in 1903. She died on Jun 15 1940 in Gloucester, MA. She came to America at the age of 24. She lived in Boston for 15 years and then came here where she made her home up to her death.   She was married to Joseph AIELLO. Joseph AIELLO was born in 1871. He died in 1958. Grace BRANCALEONE and Joseph AIELLO had the following children:
    1. Capt. John AIELLO was born on Oct 10 1898 in Terrasini, Sicily. He was a fisherman between 1920 and 1964 in Gloucester, MA. He was best known in his youth as mastman on the fishing vessel Marietta and Mary. He was captain and owner of the St. Providenza from 1939 until the time of his retirement in 1964. During the mid 1940's he was a highliner of the whiting fleet. He was a member of the St. Peter's Club, the Holy Name Society of St. Ann's Church, a charter member of the Fishermen's Wharf Corp. and a charter member of the Gloucester Whiting Assn.   He was married to Calogera (Lillie) GILARDI (daughter of Anthony GILARDI and Josephine MANISCALO) on Jan 30 1921 in Gloucester, MA. Calogera (Lillie) GILARDI was born on Apr 10 1903 in New York, NY. . Capt. John AIELLO and Calogera (Lillie) GILARDI had eleven children.  John died on Apr 2 1969 in Gloucester, MA. Lillie died on Apr 1 1989 in Gloucester, MA.
    2. Thomas AIELLO was born in 1901 in Terrasini, Sicily. He lived most of his life in the New Bedford area. Tom was the owner of one of the first fillet houses in the area and he founded the city's seafood processing industry. He was a member of the National Fisheries Institute, the Seafood Dealers Association and Sons of Italy Giulio Cesare Lodge, which named him man of the Year in 1976.  He was married to Grace CIARAMETARO in Sep 1928. Thomas AIELLO and Grace CIARAMETARO had four children.  Tommy died on Apr 28 1979 in New Bedford, MA
    3. Mary AIELLO was born in 1902 in Terrasini, Sicily. She was married to LOICHANO. Mary AIELLO and LOICHANO had one child.  She was married to Antonio CIARAMITARO on Nov 30 1919 in Gloucester, MA. Mary AIELLO and Antonio CIARAMITARO had eight children.   Mary died on Sep 28 1961 in Gloucester, MA.
    4. Jennie AIELLO was born in 1906. She was married to Anthony MARINO. Jennie AIELLO and Anthony MARINO had six children.  Jennie died in Jan 1996 in Gloucester, MA.
    5. Pauline AIELLO was born on Apr 21 1907 in Boston, MA. She was married to Joseph RANDAZZA Sr. (son of Gaetano (Thomas) RANDAZZA and Girolma (Mary or Mamie) TOCCO) on Feb 15 1925 in Gloucester, MA. Joseph RANDAZZA Sr. was born on Jun 19 1903 in Boston, MA. Pauline AIELLO and Joseph RANDAZZA Sr. had ten children.  Pauline died on Jul 19 1992 in Gloucester, MA. Joe died on Sep 7 1967 in Boothbay Harbor, ME.
    6. Capt. Sebastian (Gene) AIELLO was born on Oct 12 1911. He was married to Josephine M. ORLANDO (daughter of Capt. Joseph ORLANDO and Grace NICASTRO). Josephine M. ORLANDO was born on Sep 29 1919 in Gloucester, MA. She worked at O'Donnell-Usen Seafood Kitchens for more than 30 years, and was a member of the Madonna Del Rosario Society and the retired Seafood Kitchen Workers Union. Gene died on May 11 1971 in Gloucester, MA.  Josephine died on Aug 24 1995 in Gloucester, MA.
    7. Rosaria (Sarah) AIELLO was born on Nov 21 1912 in Boston, MA.  She moved to Gloucester with her family as a young child and attended St. Ann Grammar School. She worked as a fish packer on the Gloucester waterfront for several fish plants for many years. She was a member of the Sons of Italy and a member of the Madonna del Rosario Society.  She was married to Michael CATANIA on Dec 8 1929 in Gloucester, MA. Michael CATANIA was born May 5 1899. Rosaria (Sarah) AIELLO and Michael CATANIA had twelve children.  Sarah died on May 8 1993 in Gloucester, MA.  Michael died in Jan 1980.
    8. Paul J. AIELLO was born on Mar 5 1914 in Gloucester, MA. He was a fisherman aboard the vessel Little Flower.  He was married to Antionette LOIACANO (daughter of Allerio LOIACANO and Filippa (Mother) NICASTRO). Paul J. AIELLO and Antionette LOIACANO had four children.  He died on Jun 7 1976 in Gloucester, MA.
    9. Samuel (Sam) AIELLO was born on Oct 22 1915 in Gloucester, MA. Sam was a veteran of World War II having served in the Navy.  He was married to Grace M. RANDAZZA (daughter of John RANDAZZA and Antonina (Nina) PARISI) on Feb 4 1945. Grace M. RANDAZZA was born on Aug 15 1920 in Gloucester, MA. Samuel (Sam) AIELLO and Grace M. RANDAZZA had four children.  Sam died on May 14 1965 in Providence, RI.
    10. Vincie AIELLO was married to Joseph PARISI.
    11. Rose AIELLO was married to John SETTIPANI.
    12. Anthony AIELLO was born in 1920 in Gloucester, MA.  He was married to Grace PALAZOLA. Grace PALAZOLA was born about 1925.  Tony died on Nov 11 1982 in Somerville, MA.
  2. Salvatore BRANCALEONE.
  3. Joseph BRANCALEONE.
  4. Peter BRANCALEONE was born in Terrasini, Sicily. He lived in California in 1940.
  5. Sarah BRANCALEONE was born in Terrasini, Sicily.  She was married to Samuel LUPO (son of Angelo LUPO). Samuel LUPO was born in 1873 in Terrasini, Sicily. He immigrated about 1901. He died on Apr 1 1941 in Gloucester, MA. An article in the Gloucester Daily Times, dated April 2, 1941 reads: "Samuel Lupo caught by drag wire while fishing off Maine.....His chest badly crushed by a drag wire in a freak accident aboard the local redfish dragger Alden about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon off Boothbay harbor, Me., Samuel Lupo, 68 years, 33 Commercial street, married, with two children was believed to have been instantly killed.
    Capt. Vito Misuraca, the skipper, did all in his power to revive the man, promptly ordering Engineer Manuel Souza of 36 Millet street, to get medical advice by radio from Dr. Louis N. Schwartz at Boston City hospital.
    Despite all efforts, when they arrived two and a half hours later in Boothbay harbor, Dr. George A. Gregory, medical examiner for that district, who met the boat in a Coast Guard surf boat, pronounced the man dead.
    Capt. Misuraca turned the prow of the Alden toward Gloucester, arriving at Davis Brothers Fisheries wharf here shortly before 8 o'clock this morning, the Alden's flag at half mast. After delivering the body to Undertaker James C. Greely, the dragger went over to the Mariners Fish company wharf to discharge 65,000 pounds redfish.
    The crew said they had made a set when the drag caught on the bottom, while fishing some 15 miles southeast of Bantam rock off Boothbay late yesterday afternoon, As the drag caught, it checked the progress of the boat, and Lupo was caught by a tautening drag wire, which pinned him against the rigging. The extreme pressure exerted by the strained wire, severely injured his chest and is believed to have pressed so against this heart as to cause death.
    Fishermen nearby released Lupo as soon as they could, and Souza immediately contacted the Coast Guard by radio being advised by Boston division that a boat would be dispatched from Boothbay. He then sought Boston City hospital for medical advice, and was given almost instant service. Dr. Schwartz who talked with Souza by radio telephone, advised him to have the injured man laid prone on deck, place hot water bottles, keep his face clear and his head down, and give him morphine. However, fishing boats have no such drug aboard. The men did their best in applying first aid and following the doctor's advice, but to no avail." He was buried on Apr 4 1941 in Calvary Cemetery, Gloucester, MA. Sarah BRANCALEONE and Samuel LUPO had the following children:
    1. Angelo (Shorty) LUPO was born on Jan 27 1911 in Rivertown, IL. He was married to Lina.
    2. Thomas LUPO was born on Feb 18 1913 in Detroit, MI. He fished on many Gloucester fishing vessels, including the Little Joe, the Bethulia, the American Eagle and the family-owned St. Peter. After his retirement at age 62, he still enjoyed many years on the waterfront mending nets and passing on his knowledge to the new generation of fishermen.  He was a member of the St. Peter's Club.  He was married to Rose SCOLA (daughter of Salvatore SCOLA and Maria Antonina FRONTIERO) on Jan 1 1935 in Gloucester, MA. Thomas LUPO and Rose SCOLA had four children.  Tom died on Feb 16 1999 in Gloucester, MA.
    3. Olympia (Lena) LUPO was married to Sebastian SCOLA (son of Salvatore SCOLA and Maria Antonina FRONTIERO). Sebastian SCOLA died before 1997. Olympia (Lena) LUPO and Sebastian SCOLA had four children.
  6. Antionette BRANCALEONE was born in Terrasini, Sicily. Lived in Monterey, CA in 1940.  She was married to Anthony CIARAMITARO. 
  7. Anthony BRANCALEONE. He lived in California in 1940.

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